Product Overview

Fleet Management Systems: Activ hardware

Our Activ Fleet Management Systems, are specifically designed for optimum fleet management for trucks, motor vehicles, construction equipment and motorcycles. The system provides users with the ability to properly manage both their vehicles and drivers in real-time.

In addition an Activ system will allow users to receive historical information on demand. This allows you the ability to track drivers in the moment and compare them to past transportations and deliveries.

Furthermore, our advanced Fleet Management System, allows our client to view information in the form of scheduled reports that can be set up and developed to provide all relevant information relating to vehicle use.

The Activ Fleet Management System range consists of advanced hardware products that are covertly fitted.

The holistic approach aims to provide any company with the information necessary to boost productivity, enhance performance and become an industry leader.

These Fleet Management Systems will be fitted to a vehicle. Once the power is applied information related to the vehicle is constantly transmitted to our remote servers. The process is automatic and will collate and store all information which is relevant to each vehicle.

Activ online fleet management software application

The Activ fleet management application is a cloud-based solution. It can be accessed via any computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone which is connected to the internet.

The application interface is easy to use and is fully customisable to meet each user’s specific management information.

The technical functionality of each hardware device is fully integrated into the software application in order to provide accurate and timeous information to the user.

The Activ software application is continually and automatically updated remotely, so users can always rely on the fact that they are using the latest mapping systems and application functionality.