Activ AVL Advanced System Optional System Upgrades

Option type


Driver ID and immobiliser system

•    Allows driver access via RFID tag
•    Only authorised drivers can operate the vehicle
•    Provides full reporting functions on driver behaviour
•    Indicates driver of vehicle by trip

R 795.00(Excl. Fitment cost)   
Temperature monitoring systemR 795.00(Excl. Fitment cost) 
•    Allows real-time temperature monitoring of load
•    Allows setting of minimum and maximum temperature ranges with full exception reporting and real-time alarms and alerts.
In vehicle panic buttonR 595.00
•    Covertly fitted panic button provides immediate emergency alarm/alert notification via SMS and/or e-mail..
Remote Fuel cut-off functionR 795.00(Excl. Fitment cost)
•    Allows remote cut-off of fuel to vehicle motor via SMS.
SMS event/alarm notificationR 395.00 (Setup)and purchase of SMS bundle
•    Allows immediate SMS notification of designated alert/alarm events:
–    Over speeding
–    Entry into designated no-go zones
–    System tamper
–    External power loss
–    Vehicle start in curfew time
–    Vehicle tow alert

Indicated prices exclude VAT and are subject to change without notice.