Act Product Features

Accurate, real-time vehicle tracking

The Activ system allows you to accurately monitor every one of your vehicles in real-time. We use the latest updated maps and the vehicle position is updated every 20 seconds when the vehicle is moving. In addition to monitoring the vehicle on detailed maps you can also monitor the vehicle on Google image or hybrid maps.

Map customisation

It is possible to customise the maps to incorporate specific locations which are specifically relevant to the user’s requirements. These customisations can be classified into the following options:

– Locations (Typically customer locations)
– No-Go Zones
– Keep-in Zones
– Specific routes between locations

These locations can be linked to either SMS or e-mail alerts.

Detailed reporting

The Activ system incorporates 26 standard reports that cover every aspect of the vehicle’s use and the driver’s behaviour. The following functions are applicable to each report:

–    Each report can be easily customised to provide only the information that is specifically required by the user.
–    Each report can be obtained from the system on demand or they can be scheduled to be sent at any pre-determined times and dates to single or multiple users.
–    All reports can be downloaded in various formats to suit the user.

Historical trip and route information

The Activ data servers retain historical trip and route information for every vehicle for a period of three months. This information can be accessed on demand by the user.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery service

Every installed Activ system is covered by an insurance approved 2 hour stolen vehicle recovery service. This service is accessible via a unique emergency number (086 141 011) and the service is included in the monthly service fee.

Ongoing system monitoring and checking

All Activ systems are monitored automatically on a continuous basis to ensure maximum uptime and to immediately identify any system failure. Our support staff are notified automatically if any system fails in the field and if we are not able to repair the system online, which is possible in 99% of cases, we will call you to arrange for access to the affected vehicle so that we can repair the problem at no cost to you. We understand the importance of having reliable and accurate access to your vehicle location at all times.

Automatic alerts via e-mail and SMS

The Activ system allows you to set up and receive immediate notifications on specific triggered alerts built into the Activ system. These include the following:

– Vehicle over speeding
– Vehicle entering pre-defined no-go zone
– Panic alert (If fitted with an in-vehicle panic button)
– Power disconnect (System tamper)
– Curfew violation
– Temperature high or low
– Jamming detection
– Vehicle entering or leaving Geo lock zone

Odometer and time based reminders

The Activ system incorporates odometer and time based reminders. These include:
– Vehicle service due reminder
– Vehicle service overdue
– Vehicle licence renewal due

Driver rating function

The Activ system includes a driver rating function which allows you to rate the performance of individual drivers based on the following specific criteria:
– Over speeding
– Harsh braking
– Harsh acceleration
– Harsh cornering
– Excessive idling
– Over RPM (Requires fitted unit)

The rating system allows you to allocate bonus points to each driver. Each time there is an infringement by a driver, the driver bonus points are depleted. The system is ideal for monitoring driver behaviour and can be used as an accurate basis to either penalise or reward drivers.

Hardware and software upgrades

All Activ AVL hardware systems can be upgraded to incorporate the following:
– Driver ID and immobiliser system
– Temperature monitoring
– Remote fuel cut-off
– RPM monitoring
– In-vehicle panic button

Activ software applications (including map upgrades) are continuously upgraded and are automatically made available to the user. No physical software upgrade at computer level is required.