Activ GB100 Basic Tracker

Once-off upfront cost: R 1,495.00  
Monthly service fee:      R 99.00 (No contract required)


Inclusive Features Benefits
Accurate location on demand  Provides exact location on demand via cellular phone SMS on detailed Google maps.
Covert fitment Covert fitment technique prevents unauthoriseddetection, tampering and removal.
Internal battery backup  Provides exact location via cellular phone for up to 2 hours after vehicle power is disconnected.
Power saver function Provides limited power usage from external battery.
Direct access to 24 hour stolen vehicle recovery service Insurance approved stolen vehicle recovery service access via 24 hour control room.
Small form factor Small device is ideal for easy fitment into any motorised asset (Motor vehicles, motorbikes, boats, generators and machinery)
Upgradable  The Activ GB100 basic unit is fully upgradable to incorporate advanced, customisable fleet management functions.
  • Indicated prices exclude VAT and are subject to change without notice.